SCI is the leading sportsman’s advocacy group in the world and together, SCI’s Alaska Chapters lead the effort to preserve the freedom to hunt here in Alaska.  Both SCI Alaska Chapter and SCI Kenai Chapter led the effort to sustain wolf management for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.  Both chapters helped form the Sportsman’s Caucus in the state legislature and both chapters have a representative sitting on the Caucus Advisory Council.  When you join SCI Alaska Chapter, you will become part of an elite fraternity of hunters.  Hunters who care about wildlife and the future of hunting!

Alaskan Initiatives

  • SCI is the only hunting club that filed suit in the U.S. Supreme Court supporting the Sturgeon case contending ownership and management of navigable waters belong to the state.
  • AK SCI led the fight to stop anti-hunters at the ballot box in 2004 and 2008 with 80% of the necessary campaign finances coming from the Alaska Chapter.
  • AK SCI led the effort to create an Outdoor Caucus in the Alaska Legislature and continues to support this bi-partisan effort through its membership on the Advisory Council for the Outdoor Caucus.
  • AK SCI is heavily engaged in battling federal overreach and is being consulted by Alaska’s political and business leaders on issues of importance to hunters.



SCI and AK SCI have the only full time professional team of lobbyists and attorneys working on your behalf here in Alaska and the Nation’s Capitol.
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