SCI AK Chapter strongly supports outdoor and conservation education from the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman program to youth shooting leagues. SCI has been at the forefront supporting Department of Fish and Game education programs, as well as programs like the American Wilderness Leadership School where classroom teachers learn the important conservation facets of hunting.


As part of its mission, SCI is dedicated to educating the public about the role hunting plays in effective wildlife management, the importance of wildlife conservation and the role humans play as environmental stewards.

The Alaska Chapter works to this end by providing volunteers and financial support to the following groups, programs and events:

  • AKSCI, along with Kenai SCI are major supporters of ADF&G’s official foundation, the Outdoor Heritage Foundation of Alaska which conducts numerous education programs mostly in partnership with the ADF&G.
    For more info go to: www.ohfak.org

  • Partners with the Outdoor Heritage Foundation to produce the Youth Education Leadership Program which takes 10 Alaskan youth leaders to Juneau each year to learn about and participate in their state government.  Also one student is chosen from among the 10 to attend youth week at SCI Foundation’s American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) and become eligible for a  college scholarship.  
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  • Sends up to 4 teachers a year to AWLS where they learn conservation principles and the importance of hunting to scientific wildlife management.  They also learn innovative teaching techniques and available curriculum for their classrooms.  This allows our conservation message to get out to the thousands of students these teachers will have in their classroom over the course of their careers.  
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  • The AK Chapter offers up to $4,000 in annual scholarships to qualified Alaskan High School graduating seniors pursuing careers related to conservation and wildlife management, with plans to return to AK.
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Midnight Sun Charity Shootout

The Midnight Sun Shootout is a two day event held at Grouse Ridge in Wasilla, to raise funds for conservation & outdoor education.  Ak Chapter has supported this event with a team of shooters since its inception in 2003.



  1. American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) – Through this program we provide educators a hands on experience backed up by university level information regarding conservation and the important role hunting and hunters have in that effort.  By educating teachers we believe that the outreach they will provide to many thousands of students will foster a greater understanding of conservation and the history that hunters have played in that arena.  
  2. International Wildlife Museum – SCI Headquarters, Tucson, AZ – Over the years, the Alaska chapter has made donations in support of this award winning museum which features animals from all over the world. Our latest contribution of $12,000 made possible the remodeling of the Alaska Brown Bear diorama.  www.thewildlifemuseum.org

3. Gives out thousands of dollars in grants to  education programs each year.

4. Provides Hands on Wildlife kits for teachers in their classrooms.