SCI Alaska Chapter’s
Warriors on Safari Raffle

This raffle includes the Gunwerks SKUHL .375 Ruger rifle package
valued at over $14,350.00

Drawing Friday April 21, 2023   SCI Alaska’s American Heroes’ Banquet.

Tickets are $50 each or 3 for $100. Only 700 Tickets sold.

SCI Alaska’s Warriors On Safari Raffle

This raffle includes the Gunwerks SKUHL .375 Ruger rifle package valued at over $14,350.00 includes:

  1. Gunwerks SKUHL Rifle System (375 Ruger, Battle Worn Tungsten), Wood Fusion, 13.5. $9,968.00
  2. Swarovski Z8i 1-8X24 4A-IF, Gunwerks Unity, Precision Lead Free and Ballistic Turret. $3,188.00
  3. Gunwerks Full Size Roller Hard Rifle Case With Fitted Foam Insert. $349.99
  4. 5 boxes of Gunwerks custom Barnes TSX .375 270 grain ammunition. $800.00
  5. Shipping to your FFL

Tickets are $50.00 each or 3 for $100.00. 700 tickets sold  SCI AK Permit #2001

All Proceeds from the Warriors On Safari Raffle will be dedicated to SCI Alaska Chapters Warriors On Safari DM795 Wounded Warriors Moose Hunt!

Drawing Friday April 21, 2023 at the SCI Alaska Chapter American Heroes Night Banquet.  Denaʼina Civic and Convention Center 600 W 7th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501


THE NEW DANGEROUS GAME RIFLE FROM GUNWERKS: Dangerous games deserve a purpose-built rifle system. We designed the SKUHL for ultimate reliability and quick target acquisition in close quarters when shots count.

DANGEROUSLY VERSATILE: Cape Buffalo under 100 yards in the morning and Kudu at 600 after lunch. Or perhaps a moose or caribou opportunity on a brown bear hunt. One rifle does it all.

DANGEROUSLY ACCURATE: While accuracy isn’t the hallmark of a dangerous game rifle. We set out to build a rifle optimized for close quarters, dangerous game hunting, but also meeting our precision standards – Mission accomplished.

“Only accurate rifles are interesting.” – Townsend Whelen

DANGEROUSLY CAPABLE: Big bore 375 Ruger with matched loads and laser etched turrets results in a rifle system effective from zero to 600+ yards, right out of the box.

NEGATIVE COMB: The ClymR stock’s negative comb reduces felt recoil while allowing for higher recoil pad positioning. This positions the recoil pad more inline with the barrel, thus reducing muzzle rise. The result is a more forgiving shot with heavy recoiling rounds and quicker follow-ups.

ERGONOMIC GRIP DESIGN: The clymR grip is unlike anything the firearms industry has seen. By studying the ergonomics of shooter interaction, and the rifle recoil impulse. The SKUHL grip is designed to fit nearly any hand from large to small and is finely tuned for both firm control in tense situations with large rounds and finesse when long range, precision shots are in order.

TECHNOLOGY MEETS TRADITION: We took our favorite carbon ClymR stock and infused some class. The SKUHL stock features the same advanced carbon fiber structure with CNC machined bedding block, and a layer of flax fiber added into the composite layup. The painstaking process yields a beautiful blend with the performance of carbon, but the look and feel of a traditional wood stock. There’s simply nothing like it.

TAMING THE BEAST: Traditional dangerous game rifles are notorious for heavy recoil. We’re on a mission to change that! While the SKUHL Still packs a healthy punch, the Gunwerks radial brake provides significant recoil reduction. The brake, paired with optimal stock geometry and healthy recoil pad make the SKUHL much more enjoyable to shoot. A rifle that gets more practice, is almost always employed better when it counts!

LASER ENGRAVING: A first for Gunwerks, we’ve employed a laser engraved buffalo and bear skull motif as an homage to the game it’s made to pursue. The action body, barrel shank, muzzle and bolt shroud all bear these designs.

BATTLE WORN CERAKOTE: A unique battle-worn Tungsten Cerakote finish rounds out the design to mimic the look of your granddad’s trusty Rigby. But don’t be fooled. The stainless-steel composition and baked ceramic finish render this tool and work of art practically impervious to the elements.


  • CALIBER: 375 Ruger
  • ACTION: Stainless Steel GLR PUSH FEED
  • STOCK: Gunwerks Carbon ClymR with Flax Fiber Inlay
  • BARREL: 21′ G3 Stainless steel, threaded 5/8×24
  • TWIST RATE: .375 = 1:11.5 
  • MUZZLE BRAKE: Radial (5/8×24)
  • METAL FINISH: Battle Worn Tungsten Cerakote
  • OPTIC: Swarovski Z8i
  • TURRET: Laser-etched yardage & MOARINGS: Gunwerks Unity 1 Piece w/ bubble level
  • BOTTOM METAL: Gunwerks Hinged Floor Plate
  • TRIGGER: Trigger Tech set @ 2.5lbs
  • LENGTH OF PULL: 13.75″
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 8.9 lbs

“My Gunwerks 375 was the tool for the job on this giant Alaskan grizzly. A long, tough hunt ended successfully when it came down to the wire. There’s nothing more important than having a rifle you are confident with in the field. I don’t trust anything else on my hunts.”

– Mark Peterson

Swarovski’s ATX 25-60x65mm Spotting Scope
Swarovski’s ATX 25-60x65mm Spotting Scope


Swarovski’s ATX 25-60x65mm Spotting Scope
Swarovski’s ATX 25-60x65mm Spotting Scope